Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
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Jury Doody

happy birthday

Okay... jury duty was boring right until I was on a panel of prospective jurors for a particular case. I am not, as yet, in the jury box, but I was in the audience, and the way they've been whittling away at people, they might get around to me today. I actually found the jury selection process fascinating, and I have to admit that by this point I am actually interested in the case, morbid as it may be. Of course, I get paid for jury duty and am therefore under no financial strain from this - hell, I don't even have to show up until an hour and a half after I would be due into work - so serving doesn't seem like such a bad prospect.

Now, the Kew Gardens courthouse is a fairly easy place to get to from southern Queens, being a major hub of most of the major bus and subway routes in south of the Long Island Expressway. This, of course, presented a problem for me because I live north of the L.I.E., and all the major bus and routes here converge on the 7 line (which, of course, I complain about regularly). I could take a long and circuitous bus route to get there, or I could try to find parking somewhere in the Kew Gardens/Forest Hills portion of Queens Boulevard. Once you can breathe again because you have finished laughing from that latter suggestion... I decided to combine commuting styles. I drove to right around where Main Street intersects with Union Turnpike and parked (carefully, as there are alternate side of the street parking regulations there) and took the Q46 across the Grand Central/Jackie Robinson convergence. I sort of hit on this solution by accident, but what's good about it is that now that I know where I have to end up with the car, I have much better routes for getting there. All hail the Mighty Monthly MetroCard. Hail! Hail!

Because it's topical (for me at least):



Right now, I would normally have to be gearing up to leave to get to work. Today, however, I will be taking another short nap first!!!
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