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In an attempt to compensate for the differences between the customized file trees I had on the iAudio X5 with the id3 tag based filing system that the iPod uses, I have had to come up with a few more methods of indexing the music. One solution was to create several subgenres within the "Soundtrack" genre, such as "Soundtrack (Drama)," "Soundtrack (Comedy)," "Soundtrack (Fantasy)," "Soundtrack (Mystery)," and so on. From time to time you come across some odd decisions to make... Alien is "Soundtrack (Horror)," Aliens is "Soundtrack (Action/Adventure)" and Alien³ is "Soundtrack (Sci-Fi)," but on the whole it tends to work pretty well.

This opens up a whole can of worms because I now have a vast amount of film music on the iPod, and I have to go through all of the filed labeled "Soundtrack." I never bothered to do anything with the genre tag before before because I didn't really need to, but this gives me a few more search options that I can use both while commuting and also in the car. I got the idea from mentioning to Dan when he was checking out the stereo the other day that his best bet was to go to "genre" to find what he wanted... it occurred to me that could work for myself, if I was willing to split up the film music. This seemed reasonable enough.

It's damn tedious, though.

I am finding it interesting how many films of a genre seem to be clumped together in an alphabetical listing. That's weird.

I got my copy of Alien today!!! I listened to it blasting when I got home from jury duty (more on that in a moment). Now, I've had most of this music because the 1999 DVD had an isolated score track, with a lot of the alternates and whatnot, but this set not only is more comprehensive, but it sounds so much better than I've ever heard this score before! There's so much detail, and without the overbearing tape hiss that marred the DVD tracks.

I was selected to serve on the jury for the case. I will be working tomorrow, but reporting to the courthouse at 9:30 Monday morning to begin hearing the case, which is expected to last until Thursday; if the case is not concluded by then, we resume the following Monday. I can't really say I'm too annoyed at this... I will get paid for the days, and I have to admit that it has been a very interesting experience thus far. I had previously been called to jury duty but never got into the selection process, much less served on a jury. So here's to doing my civic duty as an American citizen.
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