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Feline Art

Every once and a while, one comes across a book in a bookseller that is so weird one feels compelled to purchase it. Such a tome was found by myself Tuesday night.

Yes, there is a book out there that is an examination of the aesthetics of cat paintings.

The phenomenon of cat paintings is, to be fair, a very interesting one. Acrylic paints have certain chemicals in them that cause their odor to resemble a cat's urine, and cats will mark a surface with a definite eye for color coordination and shape (cats, unlike dogs, are not color blind and can see two-dimensional images). Some paintings are even representational (albeit upside-down). The book is filled with fascinating images of cats painting, and their work, which has a bold, primitive allure.

Of course, the text of the book is the worst kind of anthropomorphizing nonsense. I have grown up with cats all of my life. I have read several books about cats (science texts, not pet care manuals), so I'm not just talking out of my ass when I say the authors are projecting their own interpretations of the cat paintings. I would not presume to offer an alternative point of view, but I can say that their explanations are very silly (they admit themselves that their theories are not scientifically based).

What many people seem to forget because cats are so clever and have become so ubiquitous in their lives is that they are not human. The main difference between Fluffy and a Big Cat is one of scale. Many who have seen their housecats hunt have been shocked by the efficiency with which the felines can catch their prey, but it is even more disturbing to watch a cat play with that which they have caught. Such a sadistic spectacle is something people often forget when dealing with their sweet, cuddly little baby kittie.

Suit mentions how he learned how callous they can be when he had an opportunity to watch a mother cat train her kittens in how to kill a mouse. Each kitten had a chance to approximate the stunning blow. I would not have wanted to have been that mouse, let me tell you.

So cute, and yet so deadly.

Lest one be confused as to where I stand on the issue, I adore cats. I love what they are, contradictions and all, not an image of what I think they should be.
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