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Judgement Day

melancthe pointed out the top ten Astronomy photos of the year. We agreed that the prettiest was #7 (ARP 87); I found the most awe-inspiring to be #3 (Vela remnant from Sky Factory).

Yesterday we finished deliberations and delivered our verdict.

For somebody who has such a cynical point of view, it was actually somewhat heartening to see everybody on the jury taking their responsibilities so seriously. No decisions were made because we were trying to finish up and get the hell out of there, we all took care to make sure that nobody had any doubts, and that no one would feel pressured to change their minds in reaching a unanimous verdict. While I wish that there were a few more charges available to consider, I am comfortable with the verdicts on the charges we had in front of us.

Frankly, while there were disturbing aspects to the case, I found actually serving on jury duty to be a very interesting experience. I will certainly never look at a courtroom drama the same way again.

Back Row (left to right): Lucifer, Magneto, Will Sparrow and the guy from Patriot Games.
Front Row (left to right): Rudy, a Good Son, Abbott & Costello and Sallah.

Well, with the announcement on Doug Adams' blog that the Lord of the Rings rarities discs will be DVDs and not CDs, I have decided not to wait until they come out and begin putting together the two disc Lord of the Rings mix that I had been planning since 2001. While there were a few moments that I'm aware of that I would have liked to include, the sonics of the DVD will end up being very different. This is going to be the first of my film series mixes where I plan to combine music from more than one film into the individual tracks. This is going to be my most edit-heavy mix to date (which is saying something when you consider all the work that went into my Star Wars prequel trilogy and Lumos Musica! discs), which means I want to keep things as consistent as possible.
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