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I have quite a bit of films to discuss and I have been most remiss in doing so. Part of the issue is that I have been working on The Early Mixes, the first shoot for which will (by necessity) be taking place early next month. There has also been a myriad of other distractions at the moment, not least of which has been the holiday season.

On the other hand, I have to say that I had a pretty good time for the most part this holiday season. Work is slow, so there isn't much stress coming from that arena. I may be worried about current events, but on a more microcosmic level, I have more problems with the messiness of my apartment than I do with anything or anyone else. Except for my grandmother, but we're all used to that.
One of the more bizarre aspects of working on the Lord of the Rings mix at long last is that, even though I had been chomping at the bit to work on this thing essentially for six years, now that I'm at that point, I am in no rush. I have been this patient so far, and I'm willing to spend what time I need to ensure that the resulting tracks are as good as I can make them. On the other hand, the scale of this project is pretty daunting. I have a folder for each prospective album track and several copies of the timeline files so that I can continue to tweak the the edits over time.

For example, the track I put together to represent the Ringwraiths starts off with the mounting tension heard in "The Black Rider" on the album and "A Shortcut to Mushrooms" on the complete recordings and leads up to the film version of the music that accompanies the shot of Barad-dûr (longer than the album), then the album version of the revelation as they charge out of Minas Morgul (louder choir than the CR). The transition from "Shortcut" to "A Conspiracy Unmasked" was problematic because you could hear the scratching strings from the former end before the Evil of Sauron theme took over in the latter. It was a minor issue that might have gone unnoticed by most listeners, but it bothered me enough to work to correct it.

I expect to be working on this set - be it two or three discs (I still haven't decided yet) - to take quite a while.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings music, Doug Adams' blog now features a slideshow featuring images from several stages of the production of the liner notes books.
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