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Bad Idea

I would like to find the person who somehow actually thought that a dome light that fades out a few seconds after the car has been vacated was a good idea and cast them into the Great Pit of Carcoon, the resting place of the Almighty Sarlacc, where in its belly they will find a new definition of pain and suffering as they are slowly digested over a thousand years.

Well, what might count as being one of the weirdest holiday season I've ever experienced is coming to a close. My initial plans for NYE turned out to have fizzled (that is to say, Russ went away and got sick, making his hosting of an NYE event impossible; he and Jess are holding a brunch the next day, however), so I am now reviewing alternatives. It isn't only somewhat annoying to be doing that this close to the day in question, it is also somewhat embarrassing.

The closing of the holiday season means that the inevitable confrontation with my grandmother is coming soon. I am having a difficult time working out exactly how I'm going to approach it, mostly because I believe the only reason she cares is because the current situation is inconveniencing her. Hell, at this point, I might even tell her that and ask her to prove me wrong.

At this point, I'm only bothering for the sake of familial harmony. I don't really believe that anything I say will make a difference. But I guess that's up to her... and I'm wondering whether she realizes how much she really is alienating everybody and that it's just only more apparent with me because of my proximity. I doubt it.
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