Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Calling it a night for now...

This is without a doubt the hardest mix I've ever made. I've been working on individual tracks for it since noon... and I've only completed two new ones and revised three that were previously existing. That doesn't sound like much, and it wouldn't be were this any other mix, but literally every track that will appear on the final product is going to be unique to this mix.

I did complete the final track of the mix - built out of the Grey Havens material - which was very time consuming and difficult partly because of the need to get everything exactly perfect (no easy feat with this much editing), but also because of the emotional content of the music itself, particularly Frodo's farewell to Sam. Some of the changes I made to the earlier portion of the album may improve the overall structure of the piece (for example, I integrated the statement of "The Fate of the Ring" from The Two Towers into the sequence from Fellowship where Frodo is preparing to leave Bag End).

Long ways to go yet...
Tags: film music, howard shore, lord of the rings, mix workshop
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