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Scholastic Quandry

I have an overdue take-home mid-term that I am attempting to write. The problem is not that I don't understand the films or the philosophy. The problem is that the connections the professor draws between them are so pulled by the hair and strained as so to make the class a complete waste of time.

I would call him an idiot if he wasn't so stupid. How he managed to weasel his way into a position at QC is anybody's guess, but he has no ability to orate, nor does he make logical or convincing arguments.

As a result, this paper will be complete bullshit.

Nobody's Perfect

Daphne and Josephine

Some Like It Hot is one of those films that I think truly speaks for itself. I once tried to write a paper on it only to find that it was next to impossible to pick it apart. Given my penchant for long-winded tirades about my favorites, it is therefore something quite notable that here is a film I love, but can't really talk about. Even classroom discussions about the film end up just devolving into laughing about your favorite parts. It is, quite simply, hysterical.
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