Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Sad news indeed...

On Friday, I had made a riff on some memorable dialogue from Jaws at work ("We're gonna need a bigger Berd;" "Man goes into elevator. Elevator goes to basement. Mux in basement. Our mux.") and had been playing the score. In a recent conversation with suitboyskin, I commented that Jaws may be the most perfect Steven Spielberg film, sprightly and unburdened by the weight of responsibility that would become a major aspect of his oeuvre. What I said was what made the film work even today was not so much how scary it is (although seeing it at the Ziegfield last year proved that Ben Gardner has lost none of his power) the fact that the characters are so vivid that the audience likes to spend time with them.

1932 - 2008

Please do not neglect my movie line meme! There are only three left to go, and I'm preparing another fifteen for posting once those are guessed!
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