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"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking!"

I have been saying for a while now that had I waited just one week before purchasing the high def player, I might have changed my mind with respect to what I ended up getting. I bought the thing the very same week Warner Brothers announced that they were dropping the HD-DVD format. I was reticent to proclaim Blu-ray the winner at that point despite this because people were saying the same thing about Blu-ray last year when Paramount announced they were ceasing Blu-ray production and going strictly HD-DVD.

Well, the war is over.

Toshiba announced today that they're throwing in the towel on the HD-DVD format, conceding the format war to Blu-ray.
"We carefully assessed the long-term impact of continuing the so-called 'next-generation format war' and concluded that a swift decision will best help the market develop," Toshiba President and Chief Executive Atsutoshi Nishida said in a news release.
I think part of the problem is that backers of both formats assumed mistakenly that a high def format would take off the way that DVD did in 1999, which is a point of view that I found rather naïve; DVD caught on with consumers because of a confluence of events, including a severe reduction in the availability of video rentals.

Now, with the prevalence of mail order rental and on-demand services (not to mention downloads), the market has changed significantly from where it was when the DVD format first gained prominence. I believe that any high-def format would end up being a niche market item, similar to what laserdiscs were in the 90s. We shall see what type of analyst I'll make...

So... I spent a shitload of money on an item that, it turns out, I won't need after a certain point. I can't deny that I have tended to prefer the Blu-ray format, but I do have a few HD-DVD discs right now, and if this player goes they'll be frisbees.
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