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The sad part:


1938 - 2008


1924 - 2008

Rosenman was a major pioneer in bringing film scores into the Twentieth Century. It was from him that I learned that a critical assessment of a work isn't necessarily the same thing as whether you liked it or not. I suppose that sounds like a pretty lousy obit, but if you think about it, it demonstrates that I have such respect for his achievements that I can't deny them, even if they weren't my thing.

A quick meme yoinked from a lot of people:

Which Doctor Who are you?

this quiz was made by Auntie Krizu(:>)

Open letter of apology to Ken Thorne (not that he'll ever read it, but it makes me feel better):
Dear Mr. Thorne,

Like many others, I have been quite harsh in my appraisal of your contributions to Superman II and III. This was based primarily on how the music sounded in context of the films, and to a lesser extent the original LPs of Superman II and Superman III. I considered your arrangements of Williams' material to be lackluster at best.

I was completely and utterly wrong.

The new, improved sound mix on Blue Box is properly blended, as opposed to the film mix, in which the woodwinds were overbearing, or the album mix, in which the brass was. The results of a properly balanced sonics is that, even though the music was recorded with an orchestra of about half the size of the previous film's, it sounds correct unto itself (no easy feat). Furthermore, the better sound also reveals your skills as a conductor, and the precise control you have over the orchestra.

You were given what amounted to a thankless task, to arrange another composer's work for a new film, and unfortunately the artistry and professionalism that you brought to that job was drowned out due to indifferent sound mixes. I tip my hat to you and am glad to finally hear what you did properly, as it is most exciting and emotionally engaging.

Thank you,


The car is in the shop today to determine whether or not it is worth fixing. When I dropped it off last night, I unthinkingly parked it facing the fence. I wonder how much I just added to the labor costs by forcing them to have to push the car backwards...
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