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"I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over."

There is always a stage in the development of a film where the mechanism sort of grinds to a halt not because of a lack of interest, but simply because of what resources are available at the moment and are beyond control. This was the case with The Early Mixes simply because of availability, job considerations and the season that the story takes place in. At such times the only thing that is keeping the project going is the momentum being generated by the enthusiasm of its champions. It may slow at times simply because life is like that when working outside of the industry, but as long as the will is there, the project perseveres.

Dan and I took stock of what resources we have at the moment and at what pace to proceed in order to avoid any drastic financial strain on either one of us. We came up with a basic model towards securing locations and acquiring necessary equipment and building the proper camera rigs and tracks for the shots I've been storyboarding; other major considerations have been factored in and so we now have a basic at the moment but quite doable production schedule.

It is interesting to see how much more like a filmmaker Dan thinks now than when we had originally began working on the script. He has a pretty good lead on a location we can use; the establishment is a very different kind of thing than what is being depicted in the film, but he was able to see past that to how through composition and editing his location could work just fine for the project.

I really do have to get cracking on the shot list and storyboards. I did a few scenes that I ended up throwing out because I didn't like how they came out; there was too much cutting involved and I want to keep the takes fairly long. I've been finding decently priced cameras small enough to fit just about anywhere, however, which means that I can shoot with a greater flexibility than I was originally planning for.

There is a lot that still needs work. But that momentum, that buzz, that sense of a motor running... it's great to be feeling it again.
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