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Run with the bulls.

While the urban legend that Don Knotts was a Marine drill instructor is fallacious, for a really good laugh, imagine him spouting out Lee Ermy's lines from Full Metal Jacket.

More icon meme.

From paintedponyxox:

This is the pipe of Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) from The Fellowship of the Ring. While I had quit smoking in 2002, I found the image of the embers burning to be both pretty and mysterious. I use this icon in cases where I am ambivalent about something.

This is Pai Mei (Gordon Liu) from Kill Bill Volume 2, who is the master of the five point palm exploding heart technique. I can not perform the five point palm exploding heart technique. I would like to be able to effect the five point palm exploding heart technique. I know several people that really ought to have the five point palm exploding heart technique applied to them. I use this icon usually to imply an icy, placid veneer over a hot, dangerous filling.

As I have said in the past, growing up with those Twilight Zone poetic twist endings indelibly altered the way that I look at the universe. As I have said repeatedly, I refuse to make desert island lists because of this show... and I worked at a record store (if you've ever read High Fidelity, that character's obsession with making lists is very much a record store employee trait). suitboyskin and I have often discussed, there was a Twilight Zone for everything. "He went to the bathroom to pinch a loaf. Little did he know he would be reading yesterday's sports page in... the Twilight Zone."

I had been a fan of Howard Shore for years; I actually had a chance to meet him in 1996 while at Queens College. His scores for The Fly and Looking for Richard made me confident that his selection for The Lord of the Rings would have yielded interesting results, but I had no idea that he was embarking on one of the most monumental achievements in film score history.

For only the second time since coming back from my leave of absence, I felt the need to contact my steward about a work situation. I'm not terribly concerned about the situation in the long run (I know that I'm right), but it is a hassle. I'm not going to discuss it further at the moment for obvious reasons, but it is annoying because this all started when I was attempting to go the extra mile to help the company out.
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