Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

T'was a good day.

I suppose that it would seem odd that I, of all people, have little use for April Fools' Day. I never warmed up to it, mostly because any piece of information received on that day becomes suspect, and there is a point at which some people — and I'm not mentioning any names here, but they know who they are (and so do you) — become as about as paranoid as a stoner in a doughnut shop. It's not fun to pull a prank on somebody if they're like that, and it's downright boring to try to pull something on people who are expecting you to pull something.

Frankly, scheduling a day for pranks just strikes me as being a weird thing to do. How can one celebrate chaos in an orderly fashion? It makes no sense to me.¹ And it doesn't work... "..that wacky British press is at it again..." Yeah, that's right. "Tune in next year for another exciting episode of The British Press Go Bananas!!!" I don't often intone "what-ever" with that San Fernando Valley Tone™, but there are times when the situation deserves it.

The whole point of a good practical joke is that it comes out at a person when and where they're least expecting it. The context of the situation prevents them from piecing together exactly what is happening until it is too late (how many times have you seen somebody you really zinged slap themselves for not having realized what was going on the whole time?).²

Don't get me wrong. There have been quite a few witty moments that have occurred on April Fool's Day. But just as the 'Reality Check' segment of In Living Color compared what Aretha Franklin sounds like singing "Respect" versus what you sound like singing it... well... that 0.0000001% of the really good stuff doesn't justify having to put up with the rest of it.

I shrug and keep quiet on April first. I don't pull any gags or pranks.³ I do nothing at all. If I'm going to zing you — and I'm not particularly vindictive (merely misanthropic), so this will only happen if I think you really deserve it — you sure as hell aren't going see it coming.

So in the end, it is a pretty 'ho-hum' day for me (I refuse to apply the monicker "holiday" to something I can't get a day off for). Thankfully, today was a rather pleasant day otherwise, even if I did spend a bit more money than I really should have. I march off to bed satisfied that I have personally added nothing to the rampant stupidity that wishes it were the chaos of that day. Other than this post, that is. Which is pretty stupid, when you come right down to it.

¹ Besides, have you ever seen a chaos demon? They're all slime and antlers.

² The next question, of course is, "how many times have you been zinged really well and slapped yourself for not having realized what was happening the whole time," but I figured I'd give anybody bothering to read this self-indulgent swill the benefit of the doubt.

³ Except for the way I was shooting pool today. That was a joke.
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