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Well Cid

The Tadlow website has samples from their new complete recording of Miklós Rózsa's El Cid and pictures from the scoring sessions.
The score, at over 140 minutes of music will be recorded in two sections. 70 minutes of music, reconstructed by Pat Russ, was actually recorded in September with Nic Raine conducting. The remaining 70 minutes is being reconstructed by Nic Raine for recordings scheduled in March 2008.

The 94 piece orchestra plus choir and church organ are being recorded 24bit, 96khz by Jan Holzner, with mixing being done in Cambridge by Gareth Williams. The whole project is being financed and produced by James Fitzpatrick.
This sounds like it is going to be much punchier than the James Sedares recording!
Tags: film music, miklós rózsa

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