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You know, it is interesting how important discourse is to an academic setting.

I complained earlier about one of my professors. He is teaching a class entitled "The City in Cinema" and was relating the films shown in class to various philosophical writings. I thought he was a total crackpot, and I missed a few classes due to circumstantial reasons (though I followed the readings and kept track of the films shown).

Working on the mid-term for the class, however, I began to understand where he was coming from. In fact, I realized that he was making some fantastic points. Unfortunately, his classroom delivery was such that the relationship between the philosophy and the films was obscure at first.

I recieved an "A" on my mid-term, thank goodness, and am now in good standing for the end of the class, which is rapidly approaching. I was kind of dreading the confrontation that I was going to have with the professor, only to find that he was quite amenable to me. Part of the reason is that he was happy to have my input in class, and the other part is that I was quite apologetic for having "fallen from grace" as far as the class was concerned.

I had been dealing with morons at Risk for so long, I had forgotten how easy it is to deal with adults.
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