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Hope and Memory


I have just registered for my final semester. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Media Studies by the end of the year (provided I don't fuck it up, of course). I went to the academic advisors and got all the information I needed to figure out what my next term's schedule should be like.

Figuring out my major was insane, as when I was formerly a student here, the department was "Communications Arts and Sciences." The cool aspect of that is that I have the option, because I declared my major in 1995, to either go with the CAS requirements or the new "Media Studies" requirements... I opted for the latter aa my work satisfies that model better.

I was happy to see that I needed a grand total of two classes to complete my LASAR course load (Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Requirements for those who may not know) and two classes of my major. Happily, along with all of the classes that carried over from Touro, I don't have to take Math 110 (the class formerly known as Math 006, or Moron Math).

So, there you have it. I am actually soon going to be an edjumercatid kollig gradjuit. Whoda thunk?

How Heinous

Peter Schurmann is recommending people go see The Day After Tomorrow because it is about global warming, and is hoping that if people see the movie, that it might open the floodgates of depate about Bush's "ignore it and it will go away" policy regarding this major environmental problem.

Of course, it is the very naive to think this. There were no debates as to what could be done about a gigantic meteor crashing into the Earth when Armageddon and Deep Impact came out. There were no debates as to what might be done should aliens show up and start blowing up our cities when Independence Day came out, and there was no discourse about whether the Earth was stable or not when The Core came out.

It's a pretty silly idea.

More Telephonics

My Samsung N400 arrived the day before yesterday, and I am still getting used to it. I must say that once you figure out the interface, it is a much slicker piece of equipment than the Hitachi. The browser works much, much better. This is the first flip-top model I have had since the StarTac, my first cell phone, so long ago. The improvements in technology, programming and most of all design are striking.

Two caveats, one to do with the phone in particular, the other to do with Sprint in general:
Caveat the First - The leather carrying case for this phone does not allow you to open the flip-top on the phone, severely limiting what one can or can not do with the phone while holstered.

Caveat the Second - Sprint PCS does not have some ringtones that I would like. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I really want Lord of the Rings music for my phone. Unfortunately, they do not have any, and I can't seem to find any other websites I can access with the phone browser that I could download them from.

Van Belching

"I'm going to slash my fucking agent with my claws."

Anyway, so Abbot And Costello Meet The Man With The Logan's Run was as stupid as expected, with pretty good CGI and an entertaining score by Alan Silvestri. The film glides over the really rocky parts of the narrative, but never amounts to much. It is an entertaining waste of time, but it is nothing more than that.

Stalking her hairdresser.

I was planning to write an extensive LJ cut about how annoying it is to be an unattached male in the Spring, but I figure that I wouldn't be saying anything all that new. Yes, it is Spring, and the ladies are wearing much, much less. Very frustrating.
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