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Being the first kid in the neighborhood to have a VCR, I heard this so many times as a child...

Courtesy of lehah

Other great rewinders:
  • Wyatt smacks Gary in the bathroom.
    Weird Science

  • Phoebe Cates "Moving in Stereo."
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  • "Real filmmakers don't work for chicken and waffles."
    "Eat up, this stuff is good."

  • The chestburster, and the attack on Brett.

  • Stewie sucking on Peter's nipple.
    That episode of Family Guy.

  • "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!" and "Veronica, why are you pulling my dick?"

  • "Imhotep! Imhotep!"
    The Mummy

  • The infamous 'nip slip' on Oola.
    Return of the Jedi (I think this had been removed on all Special Editions...?)

  • Karl's response to Burke Denning's drunken "Cunting Hun! Bloody damn butchering Nazi pig!"
    The Exorcist

  • Ash looking in the mirror to reassure himself.
    Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

  • But the single most rewound scene ever, I think...

  • Large Marge.
    Pee Wee's Big Adventure
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