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Audio Explosion!

I have not been posting for a couple of days. If you are wondering why, it boils down to this:

My new 7.1 sound system has been properly hooked up and calibrated and it sounds in-fucking-sane!!!

Of particular interest is the DTS Neo-6 technology that matrixes a 7.1 signal out of a stereo or surround sound source. My old Star Wars lasers sound better than the special edition ones.

I have had to tear myself away from my home theater in order to do anything else. That's saying quite a lot given the fact that the weather has finally gotten to be beautiful...

On the darker side of the news, my beloved Kenwood has finally decided to bite the dust, eating a CD at last that it would not spit back up. Because it was under warranty, I was able to bring it back for an exchange. The new player is a Sony CDX-F770, and it is... nice.

I wish I could be more enthusiastic about it, as it is a new toy, but there are some things that it just doesn't do.

For one thing, while the display is much nicer and is much more informative when reading an mp3 file (and it reads id3 V2.4 tags, which I must say I appreciate), the CD-Text functions are more limited than the Kenwood (it doesn't list the artist field of the track, although it does for the CD). Similarly, the remote does not have a numeric keypad, so one has to skip from song to song. Furthermore, the gap between songs on an mp3 disc, while not being that bad, is still more noticable than on the Kenwood.

That said, there are several advantages to the new player, the most significant being that it sounds slightly better. And that, as should be apparent to anybody by now, counts for a lot in my book. The file information is listed more quickly, so skipping past tracks is a little easier to do because you can keep track of things. If one passes to a new folder on an mp3 disc, the folder name is listed before the id3 information comes up, and there is a display option that allows the name to scroll while still listing the time and track information. The tuner interface is also significantly improved, allowing one to cycle through presets by their name, rather than the band.

Overall, I can't really complain because for everything that this doesn't do or doesn't do as well as the Kenwood, there is something about it that makes up for it. Nevertheless, I was hoping for something a little more.


I just finished my first mid-term. Piece of cake. It was an open book test. Ha ha!!!
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