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"This is great. Usually it's just cardboard walls in a garage."

It seems that re-arranging my apartment has loosely become a yearly ritual. I am at the moment attempting to move the shelving units that contain my CDs around to make room for an additional unit that I will be buying today. I have managed to move the existing shelf units without disturbing the order of the CDs on them, now I have to move the gargantuan wall units that have the laserdiscs and TV show DVDs in them to make way for the new CD rack (which will be of the same type as the existing ones).

"I once saw a collection that was almost that size on Epsilon Eridani IV."

Filling in the new CDs will be the fun part - it's been a while... the McNeely recording of North by Northwest is among those that I haven't yet had a chance to file. In the meantime, lots of grueling work ahead of me.
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