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"Sir, you can't let him in here! He'll see everything! He'll see the big board!"

The bad news is that my apartment looks like it got hit by a frag grenade. The good news is that earlier today it looked like it had been hit by a hydrogen bomb. The better news is that the CD situation has been taken care of. Everything is properly cataloged and filed, and there is plenty of room for additions for now.

I have a lot of CDs. I can now say without fudging that they take up an entire wall of my apartment. I'll say this, though... they do look quite nice there. Once I get the rest of the room whipped into some semblance of shape (which will take some time, there is still much to be done, including re-assembling one of my shelf units for a new position), I'll be posting a picture.

But enough work for now. I want to sit down and veg for a little while.

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