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"'Oh, Lord... You gave them eyes, yet they cannot see.' Nor can Superman... through lead."

I have often been asked by my friends about whether I ever had plans to make a Superman mix. In days of yore, such a thing would have been difficult at best not only because of the availability of a lot of the music, and when one did find it, often the music was in pretty lousy condition. This was one of the major problems with my first attempt at making such a mix, shortly after the release of Superman Returns; only jailnurse ever ended up actually hearing it. The variable sound quality and sheer amount of music that I wanted to include but couldn't ended up relegating what should have been one of my favorite projects to a strange limbo, and so it has been listed for the past year as "Currently Under Revision" in my mix list.

In this day and age, however, we have people like Lukas Kendall fighting for truth, justice and the American way, and armed with the Blue Box and the score from Superman Returns, I could fashion a disc that would satisfy me. Some of you have already heard one sample from it (an adaptation of the Superman II main title to close out the album), it was a project that took a lot of work, but it was the good sort of work, and in addition to it being a rousing album, it sounds fantastic.

While I'd been working on this all week, I believe I've finally come to an assembly that I am satisfied with. I've updated the Man of Steel entry in Film Series Compilations, and a detailed breakdown being assembled in Semagic (I've also updated the cover image so that the crediting is chronological).
Tags: film music, john ottman, john williams, mix workshop, sandy courage, superman
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