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State of the Onion (Mixage Edition)

The problem with having made so many mixes by now is that eventually you come to a point where you exhaust all the obvious ideas. Every once in a great while either some form of inspiration strikes from an unexpected quarter (Excelsior! was a project that took me by surprise) but most of what I'm planning on in one form or another right now are actually revisits to existing mix projects.

Man of Steel, which was a refining of a project that was never really finished (nobody but jailnurse ever heard the initial assembly) is complete, but will have a shelf life of about a year, which is when Superman: Man of Steel will come out, along with the requisite soundtrack album. I think that when that occurs, it may be best to make separate mixes for the Christopher Reeve and the Brandon Routh Superman series (something that wouldn't have even been possible without the Blue Box). This is also something I intend to do with my Gotham Avenger compilation, with one disc for the Elfman, Goldenthal and Walker scores and another for the music for the new series. And with a new Jurassic Park movie on the way, I'm going to have to eventually think about dismantling Nature Finds A Way, and I guess I'll have to do something eventually with the Indiana Jones compilation I've never been satisfied with.

On the other hand, I'm not planning on expanding my Rambo mix anytime soon any more than I cared to include music from that fourth Omen TV movie for The Face of the AntiChrist. As with Lumos Musica!, these are ostensibly series mixes but primarily composer mixes (possibly why the latter example seems to appeal even to those who aren't terribly interested in the subject matter). Given the 'reboot' of the Bond series, I also don't feel the need to redo anything on Bond Beauties either.

Similarly, I will eventually be revamping Urban Danger as well, removing all of the music from Dirty Harry and Magnum Force, which will be among the focal points for a dedicated Dirty Harry compilation once Lalo Schifrin gets around to releasing The Dead Pool (interestingly, with Aleph releasing all of the Dirty Harry scores, including Jerry Fielding's outstanding The Enforcer, it is one of the few film series where all the CD spines are uniform on my shelf).

I need to redo my Alien Quartet disc as well to incorporate the (revelatory) remastering given the title by Intrada. I want to make a tighter edit of The Uncanny X-Men as well ( a mix I'm very proud of but there are certain things I'd like to do differently this time around). And I never finished the Alex North epic collection (I am convinced that once I cracked this one open that as soon as I was finished with it somebody would release a deluxe three disc set of a remastered Spartacus... which is, ironically, a strong impetus for me to actually do so).

These are items that are on the boards right now and it may take me some time to get around to them. The Lord of the Rings compilation has been placed on the backburner pending the release of Doug Adams' book and the included rarities; some of the hints Doug has been dropping at his blog are pretty tantalizing, not to mention that I would like to incorporate some cues from the theatrical versions of the films that weren't included on the Complete Recordings, which by and large follow the extended versions.

The internet was acting all wonky yesterday, out most of the time, but a very leaden pace when it was working. I contacted Time Warner about it, and they're sending someone to check the line on Thursday. It was actually quite interesting; I went through the standard automated system procedure, which was all your basic "are you using a router or wireless device with your modem sir?" "unplug the modem and plug it back in" and "let me walk you through renewing the IP address" stuff that I had done before I bothered to call them. The tier 1 agent was pretty much just a rep who can walk somebody through the basics ("go to your Start Menu sir, go ahead and click on 'run' and type in...").

I was finally transferred to a tier 2 agent for further troubleshooting. He had me do a bunch of things to eliminate possibilities (this is what produced the current diagnosis). However, at one point in the conversation, the guy stopped to ask me if I was a technician as well. I told him I was and asked how he knew. He said it was because of the way I was conveying information was very direct and was very much like when he spoke to field or office techs. I didn't even notice that I had inadvertently switched from a less formal, conversational tone with the tier 1 agent to the one I use when while at work with this guy.

What do I really think gave it away? Well, I've never met a tech who didn't substitute words for letters while on the phone for clarity's sake... but unless they were in the military, it isn't NATO phonetic alphabet.
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