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Drivin' and stuff

Poor Suit has recently suffered a devastating loss. When I spoke to him last night, I went on for a few minutes about how confused I was about this girl before he told me about Natasha. Then I felt really crappy. I understand what it is like to lose a pet when you're an animal person, and I have been confused by girls before, I will no doubt continue to be confused by them until I finally join Natasha and shuffle off this mortal coil, and chances are, if there is some sort of afterlife, that I'll be confused about girls when I get there too. Unless there is reincarnation. In which case, my next self will no doubt be confused by girls. Even if I am one.

No, there is no way to really deal with this sort of thing than to deal with it. Natasha was a little nippy, but she was, on the whole, rather nice to me, and I wish I could remember her with more detail, but our interactions were few and far between (that said, just wait until the inevitable finally happens to Kato. Then you'll see me in a state).

So, let's concentrate on the brighter things in life. Death and girls are heavy topics.

Opinion Reversal

I am officially reversing my opinion on the Sony. Did I say it sounded slightly better yesterday? It might have, and when I wrote that entry I had the stereo for maybe an hour's worth of listening time. Last night, before I spoke with Suit, I took her out and let her rip.

Slightly better my ass. The Sony's sound is so crisp and detailed that it makes the (decent sounding) Kenwood sound dirty in comparison. There is more power and presence, and I have to say that the improvements more than make up for any issues I had with it.

Furthermore, in cycling through the display options, I have found some that are quite nice. The images are basically designed for guidos to have something to look at instead of the road while driving, so there are some flaahy ones there. I have found that there are three imaging modes I particularly like, though. The first is a spectral analyzer, the second is a raindrop pattern stimulated by the spectral analyzer, and the third is a spherical grid from inside. In general, I leave it on the information screen, but from time to time I will change the display for a change of pace.

The remote control is card-style, which means that it is flat. This is extremely convenient, as I can tuck it into my visor CD holder. Furthermore, the radio station cycle option is awesome.


Coincidentially, the last CD I created before the Kenwood died was a refinement of my Drivin' mix, which I had last worked on last year about this time. Before that, its previous incarnation was the "soundtrack" to a film that came out in 1982 called California Or Bust, which was one of my first "concept" mix tapes ever (to clarify, no film called California Or Bust actually exists, yet... although I hope one day to be able to change that. I guess I'd have to make up with Brad first, though).

The idea here was to present a bunch of songs that it is fun to drive to. Now, there are some songs about driving or that are associated with the road that I put on as sort of signposts. "Born To Be Wild" is an example of this; its use in Easy Rider basically cemented its iconic status as a road song. "Crosstown Traffic" was another obvious choice, as was "Drive My Car." I chose the live version of "Roadhouse Blues," feeling that it had a more raucous sensibility than the studio version.

One of the things that I really worked on was sequencing. I decided early on that I was making a two-part piece, so I decided to make a "side one" and a "side two." Each one has a very different purpose. The first side is more busy, while the second is very mellow.

The second side, being much calmer, also brings with it a certain amount of introspection. Both "Unknown Legend" and "Anything To Stop This Wait" are not songs about the road itself, but rather the allure of the road, the Kerouac mystique.

Some of these tracks are here because of personal associations. "Ezy Rider" is the song that inspired the original California Or Bust tape. "Screenwriter's Blues," for example, perfectly captured the feeling of driving through Los Angeles with a hangover. "Black Water" is a song my mother loved to harmonize with in the car. I heard "Cowboy Movie" on the way to Baltimore with Lester Swing.

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" was originally slated for side one, but I decided to open side two with it; each side is framed by a particular voice, Hendrix on the first side, Zep on the second, with an additional song anteceding side one and proceeding side two. That these two songs would be by two bands so closely associate with one another offers a cleaner transition from one side to the other (it is a CD after all, and will be listened to as a linear whole).

I have also achieved, with this disc, a perfection of succession that I had been striving for for some time; each track leads directly into the next without a pause (save for the two-second space between sides one and two, of course). This is a fun CD to listen to, I have found, and one I am most proud.


Side One (35:23)

Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsys - Ezy Rider (3:55)

The Doors - Roadhouse Blues (5:03)

Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (3:25)

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (5:02)

Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues (5:03)

David Crosby - Cowboy Movie (8:02)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Crosstown Traffic (2:20)

The Beatles - Drive My Car (3:29)

Side Two (38:01)

The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking? (7:10)

Led Zeppelin - Going To California (3:26)

Neil Young and the Stray Gators - Unknown Legend (4:23)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Road Trippin' (3:21)

The Doobie Brothers - Black Water (4:02)

The Allman Brothers Band - One More Ride (2:34)

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline Rag (3:09)

Lester Swing - Anything To Stop This Wait (5:31)

Led Zeppelin - Ramble On (4:24)
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