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Rhapsody in Car'mel Sauce

Dan dropped by yesterday morning, and on a whim we both decided that we wanted to watch John Carpenter's Halloween, which I have on Blu-ray. One of the main reasons why I purchased the film in high def was because it is one of the most beautifully shot horror films; I always find Carpenter and Dean Cundey's use of the Panavision frame riveting while watching the movie. Horror films tend to be very slick these days, but their shots are also usually of much less duration than those in Halloween, and I love the way the camera moves so slowly, building up tension. You never know where the Shape (Nick Castle) will show up in frame (the camera might be panning left and suddenly his shoulder comes in from the right).

Now this meme, yoinked from revelos55, makes me sooooooooooo glad that I'm in a union! C.W.A. unity! This is why I always wear a red shirt on Thursdays!

In the dark ages, how would Joshua die?

You would die as a result of being overworked and malnourished. Sadly, you would predate the notion of worker's compensation and/or benefits.
'How would you die in the dark ages?' at

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