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"Hey Bob, you think you can make any more noise with the dolly you creaky motherfucker!"

NOT WORK SAFE - Language

Out of sheer boredom, Raz and I decided we'd get sushi and go see The Incredible Hulk. While no Masterpiece of Modern Cinema, it was an extremely entertaining ride with a fun central performance by Edward Norton and some very witty moments. It did get over the top at points, but it worked with the subject matter, and the CGI throwdown with Abomination at the end was staged like a fight, not like an epileptic seizure. I also have to admit that I really liked Craig Armstrong's music; Joseph Harnell's theme for the television series is incorporated into the score to good effect as well. As I said, it's not transcendentally brilliant or anything, but I found it enjoyable.

There is no post-title sequence in the film, you don't have to wait (although the end credits suite is pretty good).
Tags: cinema, movie funnies, movie moments
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