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Now we're cooking with gas! The Godfather has been announced for Blu-ray with a street date of September 23!

Apparently "the first two Godfather films also received frame-by-frame restoration under the direction of Francis Ford Coppola and cinematographer Gordon Willis," which, given this format's comfort with darkened rooms and deep blacks, makes me pretty happy to read. There will also be a Dolby TruHD track (I'm not sure how much better they can make these movies sound, but I'll keep an open mind; that remix of The Terminator which I thought was merely okay on DVD was pretty freakin' awesome uncompressed) and a whole bunch of new Blu-ray exclusive features, but it looks as all of the DVD features (including Coppola's fantastic commentaries) have been retained.

The Godfather Part II is all on one disc. This is the first time that one will be able to watch the 200 minute film the whole way through without a pause since its theatrical run.

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra record El Cid

I am extremely excited about the new Tadlow Music complete recording of Miklós Rózsa's El Cid. This is my favorite of Rózsa's epic scores despite the fact that I have never seen the film. The restoration performed in the 90s did yield an earlier re-recording by James Sedares; this CD is what introduced me to the score, and I took to it immediately. Ironically, as I mention in my Film Score Monthly review of the Chapter III re-issue of the Graunke Symphony Orchestra LP, it can in no way hold a candle to Rózsa's own recording. "The Falcon and the Dove" theme sounds great, but the action music just doesn't have any punch to it. Judging from the sound samples, that will not be an issue with this performance.

They're also including a suite from Double Indemnity running just under nine minutes. Sedares had a lackluster recording of this as well, I never warmed up to the album that included it despite the fact that Double Indemnity is another favorite. In that case, however, there was a masterful suite recorded by Charles Gerhardt. It will be nice to have another version, however.

Courtesy of Zooba over at the FSM board:


Happy July 4th!!!

1817 Oil on Canvas by John Trumbull

Alphabet meme nudge.
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