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Hobbits have hobbies.

In the process of uploading the Gotham Avenger scan into my cover art gallery, I realized that the gallery now stands at fifty covers. This is not representative of how many discs are out there; obviously Gotham Avenger and You'll Believe A Man Can Fly are replacing Gotham Avenger: Screen Tales of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel: Screen Tales of the Dark Knight, and I have the covers for disc one and disc two of my never-finished Alex North epic compilation, I never bothered with cover scans for my Jerry Goldsmith box set (although I still count the Valhalla set from that collection to be a personal favorite assembly), nor have I made covers for the two mix tape double CDs. And, of course, some of these discs are sort of being 'phased out' as it were. It is just a daunting number to look at and realize that I've done all of that.

I've also added tags to the cover scan gallery. One can get a listing of all of my mixes that contain music by a particular composer, for example, if you want to see all of the mixes that have material by John Barry, one would go to the John Barry tag. Or James Horner. Or Jerry Goldsmith. Or Bruce Broughton. There are also nominal genre tags, such as science fiction or comic book movies. My two Star Wars compilations are listed under both science fiction and fantasy.

Unfortunately I can not as yet link images in the gallery to the relevant post, as that would make this a lot easier. The image tag features are also somewhat rickety as yet - the "Up to Gallery List" command doesn't work yet, nor could I find a list of image tags that isn't in a management screen - but it is nevertheless an interesting addition.

I've also made a specific tag for my art in the Cartoons gallery.
Tags: bruce broughton, film music, james horner, jerry goldsmith, john barry, john williams, mix workshop

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