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Pure Bond

I compiled this mix for my friend Tim. While I think that he will find any number of faults with it (he's never satisfied with anything, really, nor does he really give much of anything a chance), I am nevertheless pretty pleased with the results.

The disc is called Pure Bond, and I am not providing a track listing for it because it would be very misleading. I put together the slickest and most propulsive pieces of the scores by John Barry and David Arnold, along with some of the more important songs. The real strange thing, however, was the dialogue excerpts that I took from the DVDs and tracked into the disc.

There are no pauses between tracks, as usual with one of my mixes, but this one provided a particularly difficult time as far as placing track marks was concerned. Some of the dialogue bites are given their own marker, while others do not. In general, it is pretty apparent why the ones that have their own track mark have them (they tend to be more substantial), but because the music is all blended together, and the dialogue bites are basically layers on top of them, at times the line is a little blurry.

What is interesting about this mix is that it is the film score purist's worst nightmare. The music is heavily edited and recombined and there is dialogue over the music at times. On the other hand, the soundtrack albums for the Bond films are all easily available (save License To Kill) and this wasn't really intended to be a specifically musical experience, but rather is a sort of memento of the film series.

"I admire your courage, Miss..."
"Trench. Sylvia Trench. And I admire your luck, Mister..."
"Bond. James Bond."

Ryan "Douchebag" Donovan wants me to put together a better Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack album with dialogue now. I'll do it...

"That was my head! I'm so wasted!"
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