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We have a contract.

The word has come down through our stewards, and I found this on the website.

We have a tentative agreement for a new contract.
In Unity, there is strength!

After 10 straight weeks of talks, after numerous rallies, after countless practice pickets, we can finally say that we have a tentative agreement for a new contract - one which we believe you will be proud of.

We have scheduled a Chief Stewards meeting tomorrow, Monday night, at 5:30pm to explain the new contract.

We will also have a Contract Explanation Meeting on Tuesday, August 12th, at 5:30pm, at the Local 32 BJ Hall at 101 6th Avenue.

Your support has done it again!

Thank you Local 1101!
Val Tech tomorrow for P.M data class... I'm going to have to pass on the Contract Explanation, however, as I have standing plans to see Blue Velvet at McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn.
Tags: cinema, david lynch, strike, work
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