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"Don't let your mouth get your ass in trouble."

What a dull day.

The Mummy mix is complete, I'm working on the liner notes in Semagic. I was really chomping at the bit to make this mix for a while, and I was wondering what might be on the slate when Film Score Monthly gave me the perfect answer with their Shaft Anthology three disc set! Between the DSD remaster of the original Shaft album (a hybrid SACD), Johnny Pate's soundtrack album from Shaft In Africa, the promo copy of David Arnold's music for the 2000 version and this set, which includes the original Shaft score tracks (the album was a re-recording), Gordon Parks' Shaft's Big Score and the Johnny Pate music from the Shaft television series, I'll have all the ammunition I'll need to make an kick ass Shaft compilation, to be dedicated, of course, to Isaac Hayes.
Addiction is a disease, and I have to first admit that I have a problem before I can do anything about it. And I'm here because I've been totally mango crazy of late. Mango smoothie for breakfast, mango nectar at lunch, mango bubble tea on the way home. I've always liked mango, but this is now bordering on an obsession, and it's just been so available... I'm worried that impressionable children might witness my mango dependency, think it was cool and start down a path that there is no coming back from. I don't even think that there is a warning label on the packaging.
Tags: alan silvestri, david arnold, film music, jerry goldsmith, mix workshop, rock
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