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What an insanely busy weekend! One of the main highlights was the obnoxious amount of Jenga that was being played. It was most interesting at Nate's picnic in Central Park yesterday, where we employed the Jenga mp3 CD (note that the entry is out of date; the current version of the disc is 6.1 and has 250 tracks). This was quite a novelty for many of the players, but even more so for the spectators! Yes, our game was watched with with rapt attention by everybody else at the picnic! Introducing new people to film music is always gratifying, and the Jenga disc consists of some of the most difficult music thereof, full of tension and fear. It just proves my long-held point that context is everything.

I have just sent out replacement copies of Sandcastles and Breadcrumbs that contain last week's revisions to ehowton, marinshellstone and wardlejew (who is also receiving a copy of Gotham Avenger, as I realized he was the last person ever to receive the previous edition). While I've been getting unanimous praise thus far for Sandcastles and Breadcrumbs, I found the previous edit really, really bothering me, perhaps because it was so close to what I wanted to achieve with respect to Jerry Goldsmith's score that when it fell ever-so-slightly short that I had to correct it for my own peace of mind. I am much happier with the newer version, and I think that you all will be as well.

I have also started to retrofit some of the older mix entries with images from my cover art gallery.

Speaking of film scores, I am hoping that Tadlow's release of the complete El Cid score will be waiting for me once I get home. I am planning on seeing the 182 minute film with Raz at Lincoln Center if I can get out of work early on Thursday; I have never seen the film but have heard mostly positive things about it, and this is one of my absolute favorite Miklós Rózsa scores.

EDIT: I got my shipping notice from Screen Archives just now, so even if it isn't there when I get home (and it might, I've gotten the notice on the same day that I've received the order several times), it will be coming forthwith!!! IT'S HERE!!!

Russ and I went to the Ren Faire two weeks ago (there was quite a lot of mead involved), and he only just posted the photos.

You can see in this picture how much mead was being imbibed this day.

Russ bought me a wooden sparring sword for my upcoming birthday.

I don't want to get into what happened to us whilst locked in the stocks.

This lovely lady runs "Test Your Strength."
(If you are weak, she swats you with the riding crop... HARD)

This woman is instructing me on how to handle her balls.

We saw this guy on line for more mead and just had to
take a picture because that T-shirt kicks so much ass.

Another person we met on line for more mead.

This is the guy who sold us our horns.
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