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I am absolutely floored with the new El Cid. In addition to the spirited performance, which completely blows away James Sedares' lackluster take on it for Koch, I really like how the sonics bridge a more modern "spacious" presence with the drier sound common to film score recordings of the sixties, and Miklós Rózsa's scores in particular. The brass is very present, but isn't "cutting" in the way that the Munich recording is, and the strings have a glorious sheen to them that doesn't appear in the Munich performance on CD, although that is present somewhat on the LP.

But there is further good news! Peter Kelly of (a fine site for those unfamiliar with it, the store has excellent customer service) has posted the track listing for Concord's upcoming re-issue of John Williams' Raiders of the Lost Ark, due October 14th. What should be obvious to even the casual observer is that the presentation has been expanded from even the DCC issue of the 90s. I am curious how they will manage to fit all of that on to one CD. The DCC version ran over 74 minutes, the additional material from "The Well of Souls" that appeared exclusively on the heavy vinyl release alone would push the disc over the 80 minute mark, but this has many more additions than that. Perhaps it will be a two disc set?

This bodes extremely well for their upcoming releases of the other two Indy scores. Last Crusade had a longer album than the other two but there is still plenty of music in that film that I'd love to hear (especially that alternate/extended tank chase cue). More importantly, this might mean that we'll finally get a decent presentation of the Williams' sublime contribution to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, hands down my favorite Indy score as a stand-alone listen.

Edit: Concord has confirmed that the other two scores will be expanded as well.
Tags: film music, john williams, miklós rózsa

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