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Since the CERN Collider is going to be switched on tomorrow, there is some speculation on the Film Score Monthly message board on what each person would play should the planet start getting sucked into a black hole. My suggestions? Either John Charles' The Quiet Earth or John Barry's The Black Hole. It's actually been making me think about making an apocalypse mix... hmmm...

I just got my shipping notice from Screen Archives for my Shaft Anthology box set which, along with the classic Memphis album recording, Johnny Pate's Shaft in Africa (which I received a few days ago) and the promo I have of David Arnold's score for the 2000 film, will allow me to compile the Shaft compilation I mentioned earlier!!! I enjoyed Johnny Pate's work on Curtis Mayfield's Superfly (in my opinion, the best of that genre's soundtrack album releases) and his own score for Brother on the Run. This is going to be a great mix.

This reminds me that I will soon be dismantling the original Urban Danger album soon, removing the material from Dirty Harry and Magnum Force, which will be moved to a dedicated Dirty Harry mix. This will happen once Aleph releases the score for The Dead Pool; that's going to be a pretty intense disc. Urban Danger is a personal favorite (it's great for driving), and so I'm only going to make minimal changes to much of the rest of the disc (Lalo Schifrin will still be represented through Bullitt and a few other pieces, Don Ellis' score for The Seven-Ups wasn't available when I first compiled that disc), and correct a few minor issues that do bother me from time to time (reversed channels on the selection from Death Wish, that sort of thing).

I have at last cracked open FSM's Black Box (that link is the only place to get it right now). The inclusion of Richard Rodney Bennett's Billion Dollar Brain has made possible is a Harry Palmer disc! Yes, I know that Michael Caine returned to the character in the 90s, but as Rick Wakeman's scores for those two movies have never been released (I have no idea what they sound like either), I will just concentrate on Brain, John Barry's The Ipcress File or Konrad Elfers' Funeral in Berlin, and treat it as one of my trilogy mixes, it could make a sleek album.

I've never actually seen any of the Harry Palmer films. I've always wanted to because I liked the concept, and The Ipcress File was Michael Caine + John Barry and so was bound to be at least interesting (I love the album). Unfortunately, The Ipcress File is the only one of the three films not available on Netflix at present, so I'd have to watch them in reverse order, which I'm loathe to do. It is due to be released on Blu-ray in England on November 10 and ITV releases have generally been region free, so it may show up on Netflix as well.
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