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A relaxed (if distracted) weekend

happy birthday


I sat down yesterday afternoon and started idly playing with the various different Shaft albums I have, and before I knew it, it was the middle of the night and I had assembled a rough draft of the Shaft mix I was expecting to work on next week. The real hard part was selection and sequencing, but I didn't do much in the way of editing on this one. From time to time I took one cue out of tracks that consisted of two originally, but that was the extent of work that I did to the tracks themselves other than equalizing volume levels, but there really wasn't that much necessary as all of these albums had been remastered and were of mostly similar levels.

Regarding a question I was ruminating on earlier, which version of "Theme from Shaft" to open with... I was originally considering using either the film version or the 2000 recording, but in listening to them, I found myself inescapably comparing them to the iconic Stax album recording, and so I bowed to inevitability and the mix opens with the classic "Theme from Shaft," although it closes with the film version of the same piece.

I modeled the album artwork to evoke an LP cover from the early 70s, which is also in keeping with the unofficial "Double LP" format I used when compiling the disc (which I felt fitting considering that Shaft was, indeed, a 2 platter set). There is a slightly earlier than current version image posted in my cover art gallery (the only difference between the original and the final is the positioning of the artists' names, which is slightly more to the right now).

Speaking of vinyl, there was a rather fun Tower get-together earlier today in Wantagh. Dan and I decided that since we were in town, we'd hit the local record store, and I ended up walking out with a lot of music for a song! Today's take:
  • Hugo Friedhofer's The Sun Also Rises, which has some very nice music on it. The Spanish music was supervised by Alexander Courage, but there is this one theme, "The Lights of Paris" that was part of a suite on the Charles Gerhardt Errol Flynn compilation that is a personal favorite of mine. Unfortunately there is narration on the opening and closing of this album over those parts.

  • Maurice Jarre's Lion of the Desert is a score I know nothing about, but it has a really cool painting on the cover implying an epic canvas, and Lawrence of Arabia, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and The Man Who Would Be King (which I also have on vinyl) prove that Jarre is really good with that sort of thing.

  • The Golden Seal is a film I have vague memories of from way back. John Barry wrote the themes and produced the score with Dana Kaproff actually scoring the film. It could go either way, but for this price, what the hell.

  • John Williams' SpaceCamp is a score I never really got into, but it has some nice diverting moments in it. It's worth having, but not spending a zillion dollars to get on CD. This LP will do me just fine.

  • I have the CD of John Corigliano's Altered States, but it has Dolby Surround processing on it, which adds some dimensionality but also causes some muddiness in the presentation. I am therefore very happy to have a sealed LP of it, which I am going to play tomorrow afternoon loud.

  • There is apparently a very expensive Japanese remaster of Outland, but I have never heard if it is an improvement over the rather lousy sounding GNP Crescendo release (where is paired with the rather decent-sounding by comparison Capricorn One album recording). This score has more in common with First Blood than Alien - though it is still that harsh, jagged Jerry Goldsmith of the 60s and 70s and not yet the kinder, gentler Goldsmith of the 80s, even if much of the angrier music was dropped from the film - and I've always been a big fan of its album presentation, I just was not happy with the sonics. I sampled this LP already, and there is greater stereo separation and richer tones than the CD I have (just as the serpent was much more 'juicy' on the Alien vinyl than the Silva CD, those electronic "braawowowowowow" sounds are much more visceral on wax).

  • Jerry Goldsmith's QB VII is one of those CDs that sat on the shelf at Tower for years. I never picked it up, I always figured there'd be time... and now, of course, now it is in the forty to fifty dollar range. So it was nice to see this on the shelf
I know that CDs are more convenient, but I still love vinyl; it's a lot of fun to play, the album artwork can often be much, much more striking. I often talk about how album masters prepared with vinyl in mind need to be re-equalized if they're being presented in the CD medium, but sometimes stuff just sounds better because of the inherent sonics of the delivery format. If the platters are properly cared for, they can often yield fantastic sound and can sometimes cover for limitations in the original recordings.
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