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"Why don't you get back to me when... um... it all makes some kind of sense?"

After work, I met up with Raz to go see Burn After Reading, which was an espionage comedy with a grisly sense of humor akin to that of the Coen brothers' previous The Ladykillers. In addition to the comical paranoia (which was much, much more effective than it had any right to be), there is, as usual for a Coen brothers picture, an extremely game cast. Carter Burwell's score was a lot of fun, making the right genre touches but with a tongue-in-cheek aspect.

There is also the unnerving sense that the film probably presents a more accurate portrayal of how the intelligence community really deals with things than anybody should be comfortable with.

There was a gentleman of color on the subway playing a John Lennon song in the style of Bob Dylan.

Only in New York.
Yoinked from cookie_girl:

I could survive for 47 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

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