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Bring back Shirley Bassey, for heaven's sake.

You can hear "Another Way To Die," the new Bond theme song by Jack White and Alicia Keyes for the upcoming Quantum of Solace about 55 minutes into this BBC Radio 1 program. While I didn't have the same completely horrified reaction to it as many did, I don't exactly see how this works as a Bond theme. On the other hand, its edginess might work... I dunno. Maybe I'm trying too hard to like it.

I liked all of the songs that David Arnold co-wrote, k.d. lang's terrific old school "Surrender," for Tomorrow Never Dies (which was replaced by that horrid Sheryl Crow song), Garbage's "The World is Not Enough" for the film of the same name - both with lyrics by Bond song veteran Don Black - and, of course, the Chris Cornell anthem "You Know My Name," the allusions to the John Barry Monty Norman theme was one of the best aspects of the Bond re-invention. In all cases, the theme song was carried over as thematic material in the score.

Unfortunately, the producers keep deciding to go for names over talent and keep ending up with results that range from inane (the aforementioned "Tomorrow Never Dies") to downright silly (Madonna's laughable "Die Another Day"). This song seems to fit more into this pattern, which is a shame.

I kept hoping that the producers would decide to go seriously retro and hire Miss Shirley Bassey, whose collaboration with the Propellerheads, "History Repeating," was a major hit a few years ago. Arnold worked with the Propellerheads on the very same album, Decksandrumsandrockandroll, and Alex Gifford appeared as a guest artist on the Tomorrow Never Dies score, so I couldn't imagine that it would be that much of a stretch to get them to work together. This becomes less and less likely as time goes on that anybody would think of this, but I imagine another Arnold/Black tune with the most iconic of all Bond singers would be perfect, even (and perhaps especially) for this series.
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