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Looking at my calender, I see several important dates coming up for The Early Mixes, with all involved parties scheduled. October 8 is the next rehearsal with our leads; Sandy, my lighting cameraman and I meet and tear up our location on October 12; the first shoot (which will encompass five scenes) is on October 18.

I have been getting everything ready on a technical level. While the camera is brand new, many of the other pieces of equipment are not. Lights are lights, and I'm using the same rigs for this project that I've used in the past. I may pick up a gel or two at Sandy's suggestion, but for the most part that's taken care of.

Sennheiser K6 microphone.

I picked up new cables for the boom microphone; this was a little on the complicated side because the mic takes a XLR mic cable, and I had to get an adapter to plug it into the camera, which has a 2.5 millimeter jack (portable headphone size). I also had to pick up AA batteries as well (remember back in the walkman/CD player days when I had so many of those just floating around?). I put everything together, set the audio on the camera and tested the mic.

Damn, I'd forgotten how awesome this thing sounds. When I was originally looking for microphones back in 2001, this was one was a bit more expensive than I was necessarily interested in spending, but an A/B comparison with the other front runner was enough to convince me that it was a worthwhile investment. Indeed, seven years later the mic is still working, and has those full and rich Sennheiser sonics.

Now, this shoot requires nothing more than standard boom work. I have, however, been considering the option of using Bluetooth lavalier microphones for a scene which takes place in a moving Jeep. It would solve some problems but create others, and be expensive. I've never shot a scene in a moving vehicle before, but I can probably get decent results with the materials we have now, but it would be worth testing out if I can get a decent deal on the mics, though.
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