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"Tell Jeff Davis that if he stops the war, I'll buy the champagne."

I have assembled a rough draft of my North and South compilation. This will be my first Bill Conti mix; I plan to do one for the The Karate Kid quartet eventually as well. I'm going to have to give it a few spins before I'm ready to unveil it, but I like what I hear so far. I didn't bother to delineate which episodes or even series the tracks were sourced from (although this information will, of course, be included in the liner notes for the album). Consequently I didn't concern myself as to whether I was placing adjacent tracks that are derived from a particular episode/series next to each other, instead focusing on combining a strictly musical flow while representing the scores for the series as a whole. I made sure that any suites that I put together only combined music from a specific episode, however.

I'm not concerned with Book III, which was scored by David Bell using Conti's themes; I once briefly started to watch it and saw a real drop in production values and content (Philip Casnof's character, who should be a bit on the well done side after having exploded in Book II, somehow alive and killing off Patrick Swayze's body double five minutes in) and decided that I could skip that one. I'd check out Bell's contribution if a decent release was made of it, but I am content to allow the mix to only represent Conti's music.

Er... See, Lloyd Bridges played Jefferson Davis in North and South, Book II, hence the icon. Hal Holbrook played Abraham Lincoln.
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