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The Blu-ray edition of The Thing is being trashed all over the place because the superb documentary Terror Takes Shape has been cut up and made into a sporadic picture-in-picture form. Ugh. Now I'm glad that I picked it up on HD-DVD when it was cheap, I know there's going to be a run on them now.

Furthermore, apparently the new Poltergeist Blu-ray has an insert announcing what's coming out on Blu-ray; prominently featured are The Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Amadeus. I hope the latter two get the seamless branching treatment - I prefer the extended version of FOTR but the shorter version of Amadeus, but find the alternates to be interesting - and hopefully the Blu-ray release of American Gangster will inspire similar such packages in the future.

Heh... and congratulations for Paramount for their sales on Iron Man, which seems to be a Blu-ray breakout title right now.
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