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"Karl, schieß auf das fenster."

  • Neal Hefti's death confirmed.
    I announced Mr. Hefti's death yesterday. The mysterious michael_hardy commented to point out that all references to Mr. Hefti's death have been unconfirmed and there is no official announcement or obituary anywhere. The only extant reference to it would be from the Sinatra family blog, where it exists as an announcement from Nancy Unfortunately, it has been confirmed through Ken Kaufman of Hefti's talent agency, Hollywood RPM Entertainment that he did, indeed, pass on Saturday.

  • L'altro Sergio
    I have received a package from Screen Archives that contains the scores that Ennio Morricone composed for Sergio Corbucci Westerns that I didn't already have. While in no way as iconic as his music for Sergio Leone, they are still chock full of the Maestro's infectious melodies and weird orchestration. I have never seen any of the films in question (and some are very difficult to get ahold of), but I have started screening tracks for inclusion in a prospective compilation from a purely musical basis. This is going to be a much stranger disc than The Vice of Killing.


  • Too Many Words?
    From Doug Adams' The Music of the Lord of the Rings author's blog:
    In the philological spirit of Tolkien, I read with great interest Time's article on words Collins English Dictionary wants to remove from from its listing. Here is the article, and here is the list.

    ...And yes, one of these words (in a different form) has been used in the revamped Annotated Score!
    The sentence in question was "Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin reach Bree, accompanied by caliginous variations on their Skip Beat figure."

    I'm just worried that when Doug originally wrote that text, "caliginous" was only a fifty-cent word. Now that it is being removed from the Collins English Dictionary, it will be much more rare, and therefore more expensive.

    This might cause further delays, possibly even raise the price of the book to prohibitive levels...

  • Rogue Bosoms
    Anna Paquin's breasts will be on display in this week's episode of True Blood (I don't watch the show which sounds pretty lame, but I've seen a clip of the sequence, so I know it's legit). I am just doing my part to keep the public informed.

  • Hogwarts Bursar's Office
    This meme, yoinked from revolos55, is interesting as it is the first time I've taken a sorting test that didn't put me in Ravenclaw:

    Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...


    Chaotic Rationality. You don't think much of rules and restrictions; you look at things from an analytical perspective and probably think morality is relative to some extent. Your strength lies in being able to make your own judgments and form your own strategies uninhibited by others; your weakness lies in the wariness other people may have of you, perceiving you as dangerous.

    You join people like Theodore Nott, Severus Snape, and Horace Slughorn.

    The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

    Chaotic Orderly
    Moral Gryffindor Hufflepuff
    Rational Slytherin Ravenclaw

    Take The Sorting Hat Test at HelloQuizzy

  • Pointless Survey:

    1. What did your parents name you?

    2. How many years have you been making this world amazing?
      34 years as of last month.

    3. How tall do you stand?

    4. Anything on your mind that you'd like to share?
      That's what I have a blog for.

    5. Do you like Thanksgiving or Christmas better?
      Thanksgiving, although I like seeing the other side of my family at Christmas.

    6. If you could change the color of the grass, what color would it be?
      Iridescent yellowish orange.

    7. Do you like the show Grey's Anatomy?
      They adapted the textbook?

    8. Anything bothering you?
      Ask me again after the election.

    9. What time did you wake up?
      6:00 A.M.

    10. What are you doing this weekend?
      Shooting scenes from The Early Mixes this Saturday! Huzzah!!!

    11. How many pets do you have?
      None, unfortunately.

    12. Who's bed did you sleep in last?
      My own... unless you're counting that liaison last month...

    13. Are you addicted to myspace?
      Not even slightly.

    14. What is the last song you sang out loud ?
      I flippantly sang a few lines from that "You're the Best Around" song.

    15. Have you ever built a tree house?
      No, but I've built a sort of wooden igloo once...

    16. Do you like socks?
      Not especially, but I wear them when I need to.

    17. Are you hungry right now?
      Yes indeed.

    18. What are you doing today?

    19. What movie did you last watch?

    20. What did you think of it?
      Decent B-movie, but an over-touted Oscar mop-up in a lean year.

    21. How's the weather outside?
      Rather nice, actually.

    22. Do you feel sick right now?
      Only in the philosophical sense.

    23. When was the last time you felt like punching someone?
      Earlier today.

    24. What color is your keyboard?
      The work laptop has dark gray keys, my own laptop has black, my desktop has standard bright tan. What a strange question.

    25. Do you have a laptop or a desktop?
      Both, but I'm on my work laptop right now.

    26. How many texts are in your inbox right now?
      My personal phone inbox has 197, my work phone has about fifty or so (they're not tallied), but I purge that one regularly.

    27. Who was the last person to comment your myspace?

    28. How many showers do you take a day?
      Between one and three, depending on the type of day I've had.

    29. Does your hair look good 'natural'?
      It's the natural color, and I've lost quite a bit of it. What do you mean?

    30. Do you care what people think about you?
      Some people. Not "people" in general.

    31. Which is better, sun set or sun rise? Why?
      They're both beautiful for different reasons, but I've always liked sunsets, mostly because I'm awake for them.

    32. What did you want to be when you grew up?
      A filmmaker.

    33. If you could be an animal, what would you be? Why?
      Some form of cat... maybe a panther or something.

    34. Do you go to church?
      No, I prefer to listen to music for spiritual fulfillment.

    35. List 3 of your fears:
      Zombie movies, fundamentalists, mediocrity.

    36. Do you like the Saw movies?
      I'm not into torture porn.

    37. What color is your underwear right now?

    38. What are you thinking about at this exact moment?
      "Is this survey for real?"

    39. Do you love anyone?
      My family and friends.

    40. When was the last time you changed your myspace?
      I don't bother.

    41. What color is your hair?
      Dirty blonde.

    42. When was the last time you felt like screaming?
      Wednesday night, when I witnessed domestic violence.

    43. Do you miss the way things used to be?
      Sometimes, but I believe that most nostalgia is a form of historical retrofitting.

    44. Would you ever live with anyone on your friends?
      I'm an only child, not really into roommates.

    45. Your current relationship status?
      Single and available. Call me.

    46. Do you believe in perfection?
      It's too subjective to be worthwhile.

    47. How do you feel about chocolate covered strawberries?
      I enjoy them very much.

    48. How do you vent anger?
      I watch a really violent movie or listen to some really violent music.

    49. Have you ever liked somebody and never told them?
      Most of the time.

    50. Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?
      Yes, more than one.

    51. Have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?
      Hasn't everybody?

    52. Are you over your past?
      For the most part, yes.

    53. Has anyone disappointed you recently?
      Oh, don't get me started on that.

    54. Do you plan on moving within the next year?
      Not at present.

    55. Does it take a lot to make you cry?
      In real life, yes. In a movie, give me in a stirring pre-battle speech or a heroic self-sacrifice, and I'm Niagara Falls.

    56. Is there someone you wish you were still close with?

    57. Does your best friend know one of your deep and dark secrets?

    58. Have you fixed friendships with anyone lately?
      I attempted to with someone who was important to me and found out that they were either too confused to deal with or just full of shit. Or too confused to realize that they were full of shit, I don't know. Either way, it didn't work.

    59. Do you currently hate someone?
      There are a few people I'm not particularly happy with lately.

    60. Do you curse a lot?
      It depends on the situation.

    61. What's something that bothers you about someone?
      When people make things more complicated than they need to be.

    62. What was the first thing you did this morning?
      Snoozed the alarm clock.

    63. What are/were you doing at 12:00 this afternoon?
      Trying to confirm Neal Hefti's death.

    64. Would you ever dye your hair blonde?
      I am a natural blonde.

    65. What's the closest purple thing to you?
      Surprisingly enough, I can't find a single purple thing in this room.

    66. Do/did you like the majority of the people you go to school with?
      No, but I don't like the majority of people in general.

    67. Have you ever gotten a sunburn so bad it hurt to move?
      Aw jeez. Just before I went cross country with some friends from college, I went to the beach with Charlie and Lenny. I got burned so bad I blistered. And I had on sunblock.

    68. Do you feel like you've got some growing up to do?
      I think I need to lose maturity at this point.

    69. What will you name your daughter?

    70. Would you prefer to go to a sporting event or an art museum?
      Art museum, no question.

    71. Who was the last person you texted?

    72. Who was the last person to text you?

    73. What is bothering you right now?

    74. What do you think of the person you copied this from?
      He's jailnurse's cousin, great fun to hang out with.

    75. Does anyone hate you?
      Most likely. Do you want me to name names?

    76. Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
      Several times.

    77. Are you smart?
      I sometimes wonder.

    78. If you could move to Africa would you?
      No, but I'll listen to the Shaft in Africa soundtrack album if that'll help.

    79. How long would it take you to walk home from school/work?
      To walk? Several hours.

    80. When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?
      I can't get back to a deep sleep, but I catnap during the snoozes.

    81. What do you have to do tomorrow?
      Work again.

    82. What were you doing at 9 this morning?
      Buying coffee, oatmeal and a pumpkin muffin.

    83. What is worse, physical or emotional pain?

    84. Are you keeping a big secret right now?
      Not really.

    85. Is money important to you?
      Money in and of itself, no.

    86. Think a lot before you fall asleep?
      Sometimes... I read before I sleep, so...

    87. Have you ever told anyone you were okay when you really weren't?
      No, I'm usually pretty straight up with people when I'm not okay.
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