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Vermithrax Pejorative

Alex North's Dragonslayer score was originally issued by John Lasher's Southern Cross Records as a limited edition set on two platters. It was a half-speed audiophile pressing at 45 RPM for optimal sound quality; only 2500 were made. Lasher then reissued the album on CD in 1990, a gold disc that was limited to 2000; I have one of the latter. Unfortunately, there is a mastering problem on the CD that causes some break-up in the louder passages.

A few days ago, I found a listing for original issue for the equivalent of less than $50 from a vinyl distributor. I've seen this album going for twice that much, and so I pounced on the deal immediately. It arrived the day before yesterday, and I eagerly put it on. The low end is a little limited (which is odd for vinyl, but something that can be compensated for), but it is free of the defects that plague the CD release.

I think it may be time for me to get one of those USB phonographs so I can transfer albums like the album re-recording of Patton or possibly construct a better-sounding versions of Dragonslayer or Altered States...

I'm going to be making revisions to my compilation The Uncanny X-Men. While it was one of my proudest moments at the time of its creation, it was also the product of outdated working methods. I have developed new techniques in the interim, and there are some issues that I have with the structure of the album as it stands now. I am going to give the current master a good once-over in order to pinpoint what I think works and what I think doesn't, and re-assemble the disc. Some of the changes will be minor, some more prominent, and there will be many parts (my three-track overture, for example) that will not be changing at all.

NOT WORK SAFE - Language, innuendo, the presence of the Kurgan in general.
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