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Moving things along...

    Working on The Early Mixes has been an interesting experience partly because how certain things fall together. I ran into Mike, an old friend that I hadn't seen for many years the other night, and it occurred to me that he might actually work for Dave, the character in the film that had been such a bitch to cast. I talked to him about it, and he was interested so I e-mailed him a scene from the film so that he could look over it and then Dan and I met for lunch today.

    The reading went exceedingly well, and I was surprised to find out that Mike, whom I was considering for the role entirely on the basis of his physical presence and personality, was actually an experienced actor, having done regional theater (including a production of The Tempest). He grasped the character immediately, and Dan was very pleased as well.

    So, not only have we cast another role, but through Mike we may also have found a viable location to shoot the bar scenes, and access to a bunch of local actors we can use as extras in that scene. I acted on a hunch and may have solved not one but three of the issues facing us with regards to the completion of this film.

    It hasn't been a terribly long time since I got rid of The Bronze Mist, but even before I junked it the transmission problems put serious restrictions on what I would use it for. Having a car again represents a whole lot of freedom that I just didn't have for quite some time (not to mention a wider range of possibilities with respect to cuisine).

    The car itself contains most of the features for that model of that year, which has contained certain luxuries that are turning out to be most convenient. I had power windows on my Firebird, but that car was such a pain in the derriere to drive that it wasn't much of an advantage at the time, but it is rather nice to be able to open windows for a slight breeze than having to lean over and crank the damned thing up and down. The additional map lights are also rather pleasant.

    The factory standard stereo, on the other hand, is just a bare-bones CD player. This in and of itself wouldn't be so bad (I have plenty of extra copies of CDs lying around), but unfortunately it seems that something is wrong with the rear speakers as well, causing some annoying buzzing noises during bassier passages. I have an appointment to replace the head unit tomorrow morning; normally I would do this myself, but this car has a dashboard configuration I'm not that familiar with. I may pick up replacement speakers as well while I'm there. It will be nice to have the iPod interface once again, so I don't have to litter the new car with tons of CDs...

    ...and I can't figure out how to program the damned clock!!!

    It was a bit chilly today, but it was the first time all year that the weather was appropriate to the time of year that it is. Today was exactly what an early November day is supposed to be.

  • CD GUARANTEED TO INCREASE PENIS SIZE BY TWO INCHES (additional two inches are black)
    On the way to the meeting, Dan started really grooving to my compilation Just Talkin' About Shaft. It was something he never would have listened to on his own, but I was playing it when I picked him up. The feedback for that disc has been uniformly good, and I am glad to have finally been able to give it a proper "car test," and it is, indeed, great music for driving!
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