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"Play that Funky Music, White Boy"

I now have my Pioneer DEH-5900IB installed on The Executor, and am once again no longer bound by the limitations of the CD medium (indeed, I took all of the CDs that I had in the car back in the house, save for a CD copy of that LP rip of The Empire Strikes Back, which I don't yet have on iRobby). The iPod interface is now in the glove compartment, although the auxiliary jack comes out of the dash hollow.

I have also expanded the console a bit, making it much more convenient. This car has much more storage space to begin with than The Bronze Mist ever did (including a flat surface to put stuff down on - what a novel concept), not to mention the map lights which make things a whole heck of a lot easier. I adapted pretty quickly to the remote control door locks, but of course I am still turning the car off before I'm finished rolling up the power windows.

I also got myself a new pair of boat shoes and work boots.

And this time, we didn't forget the gravy.

Tomorrow I am up early to ferry my grandmother to the polls.
Tags: audio, executor, family, irobby
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