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Don Savio

Happy 80th Birthday

Best of luck working with Quentin Tarantino on The Inglorious Bastards.

Okay... so as happy as I am to be getting Indiana Jones: The Complete Soundtracks Collection, I have to say that the lack of liner notes, weird selections of music (cut-down "Desert Chase," missing seconds in "Return to the Village," the middle of "Belly of the Steel Beast" being elsewhere), the empty space on disc 5, the fact that Raiders of the Lost Ark is mastered at the wrong speed and the playback difficulties experienced by ehowton ...
Finding the Indiana Jones Soundtracks Collection in my mailbox when I got home had the potential to brighten my evening, but one minute, twelve seconds into the first song of the first disc, my computer forgot it had an optical drive. I was livid. I flipped over to OSX and started ripping the discs, so I could tar them up and scp them over. My 10,000 rpm drive just doesn't do it for me anymore. I think I'll turn it into a 36GB swap drive on my next computer.

Then OSX magically unmounted Last Crusade in the middle of its import. WTF? I'm beginning to question the quality of these discs, as twice - on two different operating systems is a little more than coincidence.
... make the entire production sound like it was more something slapped together than it was something lovingly crafted. Once again, I know that I've been spoiled by exceptional releases from Film Score Monthly, Intrada, Varése Sarabande and all, but there just seem to be a lot of very questionable production values here.
There is a firmware upgrade for my high def player... I'm not sure I need one...
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