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happy (belated) birthday

We had our first rehearsal with Mike tonight. I prepped him extensively with background for the character that he was playing and Darren and he worked out their relationship to one another. Because the two scenes contain a lot of banter as opposed to the scenes between Darren and Kelly - all of which culminate in an argument - it was a much lighter session than any we had with her. It actually ended up being quite a hoot, as we all kept cracking each other up. We were really cooking with gas, and the written dialogue was both elaborated and streamlined upon in the respective characters' voices, which is a primary advantage of the theatrical rehearsal tradition, where it is more of a workshop based around the script.

One of the reasons why I like working on this project is that everybody that we've brought on board in a primary artistic capacity has been enthusiastic about it. With that enthusiasm, each new personality infuses a novel and distinctive energy into the venture as a whole. This has allowed the project to maintain momentum even over the protracted period of time that it has taken to mount the production. It has paid off; at this stage, almost all of the production logistics have been ironed out. We just have to schedule in order to get all of the footage we need.

Making this film has been an invigorating experience for me on several levels. For one thing, it is just fun. For another, it is satisfying that filmmaking yen that has lain dormant for some time. More important than either of those, however, is how this creative process has improved my life in general; I've been more proactive in initiating projects and I've unloaded myself of much of what was causing me to stagnate in the first place. Indeed, Excelsior! has been the theme for the past few months, and at the conclusion of post-production of The Early Mixes, pre-production on the next project will commence.

I'm looking forward to it.
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