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Loose Tails and other stories:
  • iRobby Listing
    My iPod is no longer a mess. All of the artist, album artist and composer fields have been updated, and now one scrolls through an alphabetical list indexed by last names, but they're written out first then last. It looks much, much nicer, but the actual interface hasn't been effected. It is an extra step that I have to go though when transferring music to the iPod, but it isn't really that tedious and the results look fantastic. It is actually something of a return to form for me to the iRiver mp3 CD player and the iAudio X5, on which the ID3 tags were completely cosmetic, and I'm a big fan of how customizable the filing options are now that one can batch edit the "sort" fields.

  • The First Nudie Film Score Monthly Post
    One of my co-workers is attempting to move from an office job out into the field. If she manages to get a placement, in addition to a greater amount of personal freedom it also means a pretty decent raise in pay. Her fiancé, however, is apparently convinced that being a field technician is a "man's job" and that if she was to take the position, she would somehow become "butch."

    Bruce Kimmel as John Smithee

    Now, Bruce Kimmel, the writer/co-director/songwriter/co-star of The First Nudie Musical, has a record label Kritzerland, one of the functions of which is to release some off-the-beaten-path (but invariably rewarding) film music albums. As "Haineshisway," he is a frequent poster on the Film Score Monthly Message Board. I received the text message about the above situation right when I was reading one of his attempts to explain the insider's-view of this topic of great idiocy.

    The combination of reading Bruce's comment and her language made me think of the song "Lesbian, Butch, Dyke," (of course!) and so I started texting her lines from the song. Even better, when I sent her the part of the song that says "That's why they call me 'Mike,'" she responded, "Call me Susan," which is, of course, what the titular lesbian, butch, dyke tells people not to call her… She thought the whole thing was hysterical, and wanted to know more about the movie.

    I informed Bruce that I may have just sold another DVD copy of The First Nudie Musical.

  • Sinbad and the Skanky Mermaid Hobag
    This year's amazing treasure trove of film music just keeps on coming. Among the recent Prometheus releases is Miklós Rózsa's The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, which will feature the edited soundtrack album in stereo and the complete score in mono on two discs. This, of course, made me think about the rich history of music that Sinbad the sailor has had, with an ear towards… well, you know.

    Ray Harryhausen animates this terrifying image of a Calista Flockhart nude scene!

    I am disappointed that there doesn't seem to be a decent release of Roy Webb's score for Sinbad the Sailor, and while I find Harry Gregson-Williams' score for Sinbad — Legend of the Seven Seas to be a delightful listen, it does not fit stylistically with the others I have been considering. In the end, by default, what I produce will be confined to the three Sinbad films that were produced by Charles H. Schneer and featured the stop-motion visual effects by the legendary Ray Harryhausen. Of course, this means that I am "limiting" myself to the music of Bernard Herrmann, Miklós Rózsa and Roy Budd, but I think that I can handle such… er… restraints.

  • Going Deutsch
    Incidentally, going through my iPod has meant that I have been rediscovering a lot of music that sort of "slipped through the cracks," especially this year of 'holy crackers, I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime' releases. One of which is the Naxos recording The Maltese Falcon and Other Film Scores by Adolph Deutsch, a moody, atmospheric disc that captures some of the best work of a routinely overlooked composer. And, of course, this being John Morgan and William Stromberg, it sounds great and the performance is glorious. And it was cheap!

  • Floored by the Rings
    Word is, something really kewl is going to happen at this event. And I plan to be there when the kewlness goes down. Yessir!
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