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Scotty Doesn't Know

In the interest of furthering the concepts of what is and is not possible in the DVD medium, Eurotrip writing/directing team Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer provide two commentary tracks. One is a standard discussion in which they cover production logistics (they shot most of the film in Prague), digital effects, comedic timing on the big screen, working with actors and what they were going for.

The second track is the experimental one. They brought in beer, some tequila and Jaeger, and would sip their beer every time somebody cursed or drank, or there was nudity, and they would do a shot for each scream in the film.

They end up trashed. At one point, they order a pizza, they end up discussing the logistics not only of making the film, but also of navigating to the bathroom.

The DVD also contains such useful things as a chapter search option to bring you directly to the nude scenes.

Truly, better living through technology.

Spider-Man Superbit

The Superbit edition of Spider-Man was everything I hoped it would be. The picture looks pretty much the same as on the initial release (from time to time it gets a little grainy, but it's film grain, and not a fault of the transfer), and the sound is much, much improved.

In addition to the lack of the harshness that the original DVD's Dolby Digital 5.1 track had, the new dts track is more aggressive, and with greater and crisper dimensionality.

Interestingly, a commentary track has been included by Tobey Maguire and R.K. Simmons, which I have not yet sampled. This is a first for a Superbit release, as Columbia TriStar are Nazis when it comes to granting a dts track to their special editions. Interestingly, they included a dts track on their DVD of the direct-to-video Starship Troopers 2, which is a special edition.

Maybe they're opening their eyes to the fact that people want quality and features...?

Spider-Man has also been given a three-disc treatment with a bunch of special features, most of them carried over from the first disc. I don't know if the Dolby track has been retooled from the original DVD or not, but I can say that if you have a good sound system, the Superbit Spider-Man is definitely the superior presentation.
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