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I was tagged by Brian with the "25 Random Things" meme that's been going around. However, I only recently was tagged by revolos55 to do the"16 Random Things" meme on LiveJournal (which, as with all my public LJ posts, appeared as a note on Facebook). As a result, I petitioned Brian to allow me to answer the difference. So here goes, nine more random things about me:
  1. When I would draw a picture or a cartoon, I was done with it as the act of drawing was my focus, not the result. It is only now that I am starting to regret having thrown away so many of them. Fortunately, I have been able to preserve some of them online.

  2. While I accept compression as a means for portability when it comes to music, I much prefer having a physical CD in my possession, uncompressed, with album art and liner notes. Given that my primary musical interest is film scores which is a niche market, I have to support these smaller labels such as Intrada, Film Score Monthly, Varése Sarabande, La La Land, Tribute Film Classes, Tadlow Music and Prometheus and all the rest anyway in order to continue to get the music that is my passion. And since I am an avid mix maker, in the end it pays to have the original discs to source from.

  3. For reasons best left for my subconscious to explain, I tend to match my underwear to my T-shirt.

  4. My beverage of choice is water, and it has been for so long that I find soda unnaturally filling.

  5. I listen to so many film scores that the genre "Soundtrack" is useless in my iPod. I have thus sub-divided the film music into several other genres with a heading of "Score" and the specific genre in parenthesis. The categories include obvious ones:

    • "Action/Adventure" (80 albums)

    • "Blaxploitation" (12 albums)

    • "Collection" (6 albums)

    • "Comic Book" (23 albums)

    • "Comedy" (46 albums)

    • "Composer" (13 albums)

    • "Crime" (13 albums)

    • "Documentary" (7 albums)

    • "Drama" (144 albums)

    • "Fantasy" (56 albums)

    • "Horror," "Mystery" (51 albums)

    • "Sci-Fi" (90 albums)

    • "Spy" (16 albums)

    • "Swashbuckler" (19 albums)

    • "War" (26 albums)

    • "Western" (40 albums)

    I have also separated series that are particularly large:

    • "007" (21 albums)

    • "Babylon 5" (29 albums)

    • "Batman" (13 albums)

    • "Shakespeare" (13 albums)

    • "Star Trek" (33 albums)

    • "Star Wars" (10 albums).

    And "Soundtrack (Songs)" for song compilations (32 albums). My own mixes are not included in any of these categories, having a dedicated genre, "Swashbuckler's Mixes" (43 albums). All tallies are per January 30th. There are obviously cases where the categorization isn't so straightforward (Does Howard Shore's music for Looking for Richard belong in "Documentary" or "Shakespeare?" Does Alien belong in "Sci-Fi" or "Horror," does Aliens belong in "Sci-Fi" or "War?") but for the most part it works pretty well for me.

  6. I only drink socially (and even then, not that much). I have a liquor shelf in my apartment, but the bottles have barely been touched.

  7. My very last cigarette was on July 3rd of 2002 at 3:45 in the afternoon with jailnurse/Tim in front of the Boston Market on Northern Boulevard. I have not had one since.

  8. I refuse to make desert island lists because I have seen enough Twilight Zone episodes to know that if I ever did, I would wake up one morning to find myself stuck on a desert island with only ten movies to watch, ten records to listen to and ten books to read for the rest of my life with Rod Serling over by one of the palm trees smoking a cigarette explaining that it was the flaws in my character that led me to this sad but poetic fate. In black and white.

  9. I rarely ever compose a blog post without the character map open.


I have a few mixes on the boards, but just have not gotten the yen to sit down and start molding the tracks into a final product. They will be made eventually, but I don't want to force myself to make them as the resulting CDs usually aren't as satisfying. On the other hand, the projects in question — a Harryhausen/Sinbad compilation (Benny Herrmann, Miklós Rózsa and Roy Budd), the Dirty Harry series (Lalo Schifrin and Jerry Fielding), my own take on Babylon 5 (Christopher Franke), the revamped Urban Danger (Various Artists) and a Jaws compilation (John Williams, Alan Parker and Michael Small) — all look to be a lot of fun.

However, two of the projects I've been thinking a lot about most of late have been the eventual Battlestar Galactica and Lord of the Rings compilations, both awaiting future releases in order for me to be able to complete. Of course, while the Lord of the Rings rarities archive is due later this year according to Doug Adams' blog, now Bear McCreary has hinted that additional albums may be in the works after the eventual "Season 4" CD (which I'm really looking forward to, especially after last week's episode) for Battlestar Galactica as well.


Nate had his birthday bash on the 17th at Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse (sic). I had heard of Sammy's from my parents, who used to go there in the 80s, but this was my first time actually going there. From what I understand, it has not changed much since they were patrons; I'm sure the singer/musician is probably different, but his shtick sounded pretty familiar to them when I described it. He would have everyone sing along with the chorus of popular songs, but start the chorus over and berate us if we sounded like shit, or he would sing standard favorites but with some Yiddish lyrics.

And then there's the food.

I ended up having to explain to many people that one of the main reasons that the Jewish people have managed to be a cohesive group for such a long period of time was because if the food didn't kill them, few things would. The first adjective that springs to mind in discussing the food from Sammy's is "heavy." There isn't butter to put on your bread, there is schmaltz (goose fat). We also had stuffed cabbage, Karnatzlack (veal and garlic sausages), latkes (potato pancakes), roasted chickens, salmon steak and, of course, Romanian steak.

It's absolutely delicious. Lethal, but delicious.

I was quite surprised to find out that while it is part of the vernacular,¹ outside of Jewish circles, chopped liver is not that well known a dish. It was interesting when it came out, as the guy had a huge bowl filled with raw onions, caramelized onions, radishes and the chopped liver itself (the latter of which admittedly looks like fecal matter), and to the horror of most of the goyim then proceeded to pour schmaltz into this mess and mix it up. Their disgust lasted about as long is it took them to actually conquer their revulsion to actually taste the chopped liver, after which it was consumed by everybody with much aplomb.

And there is the vodka, which is served in blocks of ice, champagne style. There were carafes with cranberry and orange juice on the table, as well as old school spritzer bottles of seltzer. As this was on a particularly cold night, every time somebody opened the door a gust of freezing cold air burst in. Which meant that every time the door opened, we'd have a toast with our vodka.

¹ · "What am I, chopped liver?"
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