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I abhor football, and so consequently I avoid the Superbowl like the Drafa plague. However, it is interesting to note what commercials get played, as they are the most expensive of the year. This one for Bridgestone Tires was pointed out to me by Charlie, however, because he had the basic idea for it last year! His version was action/adventure instead of goofy science fiction, but the punch line was the same:


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The first mix of the new year is almost complete; a compilation of Christopher Franke's music for Babylon 5, and I was a bit surprised not only at how quickly it came together (especially given the fact that there were over thirty CDs of source material to choose from), but at the format the end result took. I only have one change I have to make; the suite I had prepared from "War Without End Part I" has a few problems, but that is the only issue I have with the current master and it can be dealt with easily. In fact, I have already updated my mix list and posted the cover in my album art gallery. This disc may have the most edits of any album that I've put together yet.
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